Nova Bomb

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Nova Bomb icon.gif

Nova Bomb is an oskill which places a bomb at the player's feet and explodes into a lightning damage nova.


Nova Bomb

Places a powerful electric time bomb at your feet

Item Granted Skill

Length of Fuse: 2 seconds
Hits Multiple Times
Lightning Damage: 0-xxx
Mana Cost: xx

Skill Stats

Skill Level Base Points Soft Points


The Nova Bomb skill can be found on following items:


Nova Bomb.gif


Older Versions
v001 New graphic.
Letter Versions
1.F9 Storm Cloud Sentry replaces Nova Bomb as an Assassin skill.

Can now target a spot on the ground.

Now available as an Assassin oskill.

Number Versions
1.90 Reduced mana cost
Median 2008
1.53 Receives a 5% synergy from Immolation Bomb instead of 4% from Rune of Fire.
1.50 Reduced fuse length from 5 seconds to 3 seconds.
1.48 Increased maximum damage, boosting average damage by 50%.
1.46 Fuse length now fixed at 5 seconds, corrected synergy description.
1.42 C Reduced lightning damage synergy from 15% to 10%.
Beta Midterm Patch 5 Reduced fuse length increase per skill level to make it more viable.
Median 2007
1.24 The skill description no longer says 'an evil force'.

Greatly decreased base damage per lightning tile.

1.22 D Increased damage, added 15% synergy bonus from Rune of Fire. (Earliest mention)