Nihlathak (NPC)

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Nihlathak is a NPC.


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  • "What?"
  • "Hmmmm?"
  • "Yes?"


  • "Well, well. The siege has everything in short supply...except fools.
    Why would you seek this place, stranger? Are you a vulture come to loot the bodies of our fallen warriors?
    Regardless, this is no place to make a name for yourself. The mountain is ours to protect.
    It is only a matter of time before Hell's legions are routed.

Introduction (Necromancer)

  • "Ah, a Necromancer. While I admire your courage and seeking out the darkest side of magic,
    we really have little need for your skill. The Battle will turn soon enough without your mettle,
    yet I should have expected to see your kind here, you're like a moth to the flame, drawn to all it's dead,
    it feeds your in more ways than one, does it not?

Introduction (Assassin)

  • "Well, well. An assassin. Well I'm sure we are all grateful for your presence
    in our troubled town, you need not have made the journey. I can personally say that your skills are not required here.
    You would serve your clan better elsewhere.


  • "Qual-Kehk is useless. He has blindly sent our warriors to their deaths, assuming Baal's legions would fight as men do. Of course, everyone knows they do not."
  • "The demon hordes have grown powerful beyond measure, aided by our foolish mistakes. But I may have found a way to correct those mistakes..."
  • "If you have nothing useful for me, be on your way!"
  • "The Council of Elders always believed itself prepared for the coming of the Three. Obviously, we were not prepared enough."
  • "Oh yes...I remember our warriors as children. Malah would set their broken bones and give them powders for their fevers. Now, they return to her with wounds that will never heal.
    I am tired...Please...leave me.
  • "I have long been criticized, but especially of late -- since the deaths of my fellow Elders. Through it all, I have learned one thing. Each man must do what's right, no matter what others may think."

Gossip (About Nihlathak)


  • "Nihlathak was the last of our Elders, whose charge it was to safeguard the mountain. He alone tried to guide us through the most desperate time in our history -- but he was just as helpless as the rest of us. I cannot forgive his betrayal, but I can learn from it."


  • "Nihlathak's despair is infectious -- and his behavior does not befit an Elder of his stature. I think we'd be better off without him."


Siege on Harrogath

After Initiate:

  • "After so many have died, who are you to think you can accomplish what our warriors could not?"

Early Return:

  • "What are you still doing here? I thought you were going off to die.
    Go...Be quick about it.

Upon Completion:

  • "Ending the siege does not earn immediate respect, outsider. Respect only comes with sacrifice -- something I'm sure you know nothing of."

Rescue on Mount Arreat

After Initiate:

  • "You have proven you can take life, warrior, but can you save it as well?"

Early Return:

  • "Did you ever stop to think why these demons are capturing Qual-Kehk's men?
    Why they are attacking us? Have you considered what Baal wants with the mountain?
    No. You've not. You have no idea what you are dealing with.

Upon Completion:

  • "So. You brought the lost sheep home to the shepherd.
    Well done."

Prison of Ice

After Initiate:

  • "Anya! Who have you been talking to? Likely, It was that meddling Malah.
    Well, I'll tell you what really happened. Anya came to me for guidance, after receiving a vision that her mother and younger brother were trapped in the lands beyond the Ice Caves. She had decided to go rescue them.
    I told her that her quest was a foolish one and that she would be safer staying within the city walls. However, she is a willful girl and would not listen to me.
    The next morning, she was gone. No one is more distraught than I over losing her.
    However, if you feel the need to be Malah's errand child, I won't try to stop you.

Early Return:

  • "Look, I've told you! She's dead! If you knew what was good for you, you'd concentrate your efforts on saving Harrogath -- not on lost causes like Anya."