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Nephalem Spirit is a Barbarian reward skill summon which grants tri-elemental damage to the party based on the player's base stats except energy.

On the first version of Median XL 2017, this skill replaced Nephalem Weapons and became an untargetable spirit with an aura, as well as receiving a bonus damage buff. Despite this, its immense power was not discovered until much later in the MXL 2017 1.2 season and usually was only used for the Summon Barbarian builds. But as it currently stands, it is extremely strong, beating tri-elemental damage skills like Kraken Stance and Dragonlore handsomely. Another reason for its strength is its scaling by soft points and it can be found on the Tundra Walker set, effectively allowing a Barbarian to possess 2 uberskills.


Nephalem Spirit

Summon - A spirit which enchants the party's weapons with elemental power

Fire, Cold, and Lightning Damage
x-x% of base strength
x-x% of base dexterity
x-x% of base vitality
(Current Bonus: xx-xx per element)
Mana Cost: xxx

Skill Stats

Skill Level Base Points Soft Points


The Nephalem Spirit skill can be found on following items:


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