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Miasma is a Sorceress Poison skill which reduces enemies' attack rating, velocity, and damage for a short period of time.



Debuff - Field of living black magic that poisons and haunts enemies

Poison Skill

Damage and Attack Rating: -33%
Velocity: -75%
Duration: 1 second

Poison Damage: xx-xx over xx seconds
Mana Cost: xx

Energy: +xxx% Increased Damage

Skill Stats

Skill Level Base Points Soft Points


The Miasma skill can be found on following items:

  • Tiered Uniques
    • Fangspear (Spetum, Proc)
      • Bonus to Miasma Haunt Duration
    • Webspinner (Short War Bow, Proc)
      • Increased Miasma Effect Duration
  • Sacred Uniques
  • Set Items
  • Runewords
    • Bogspitter (Helms, Proc)
    • Comaetho (Sorceress Body Armor, Increased Miasma Effect Duration)
  • Crafted / Magic / Rare Items
    • 20% Ctc lvl 21 Miasma on Melee Attack on Melee Weapons




Median XL 2017

1.0 Damage greatly reduced, haunt effectiveness and base duration improved
Older Versions
MXL Ultimative
v1->v5 Increased damage.
v005 Reduced number of submissiles to reduce graphics load.
v001 Slightly reduced damage and attack rating penalties to enemies.
v003 Slightly reduced emitter speed (minor radius nerf).
v002 Increased debuff radius to match graphical aoe.
v001 Hex was reworked to Miasma.

Now targets an area and deals poison damage.

Enemies in the area are haunted, which reduces their attack rating by 50% and damage by 25%.

The curse goes away when they leave the area, except if you have the right items...

Letter Versions
1.E9 Beta 2 Changed sound effect.
1.D9c Corrected skill description; now lasts 5 seconds, up from 2.
Number Versions
1.90 Reduced physical damage bonus to prevent overflow.
Median XL Alpha
024 Capped at 50% DR. Those who are about to cry salute you.
021 Quadrupled physical damage bonus.
019 No longer costs 0.1 mana.
018 Now reduces damage done by cursed enemies by -2% per hard point.
012 Now displays duration.
Median 2008
1.57BETA Increased effect duration bonus per skill level.
1.46 Duration of the damage bonus now goes up by 0.12 seconds per skill level.
1.43 Now again adds elemental damage when struck, instead of faster cast rate.
1.42 C Elemental damage bonus reduced to prevent damage overflows.
Beta Midterm Patch 5 Reduced elemental damage bonus to prevent damage overflows.
Median 2
1.14 Increased radius of effect.
1.3 Increased radius of effect.