Medivh's Cameo

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Medivh's Cameo is a sacred unique Ring Mail.


This item is viable for both as protection against Quov Tsin's attacks, but also is very viable for the Shuriken Flurry Assassin build thanks to the increase to physical/magic spell damage.


Defense: (5946-6604) to (6541-7265)
Required Strength: 512
Required Level: 100
+(41 to 50) Energy Factor to Spell Damage
+2 to All Skills
+(26 to 38)% to Physical/Magic Spell Damage
+(36 to 42) to Raven Flight
+(144 to 171)% Enhanced Defense
+500 to Life
Damage Reduced by 75
+(201 to 250) Life after each Demon Kill
(76 to 125)% Extra Gold from Monsters
-2 to Light Radius
Socketed (6)


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This item might possibly be a reference to Medivh of the Warcraft series.