Lamha Na Draoithe

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Lamha Na Draoithe is a sacred unique Gauntlets.


These are some of the best gloves for casters thanks to its Strength Factor, + to all skills, FCR, lower strength requirement and bonuses to spell damage.


Defense: (1361-1512) to (1593-1769)
Required Strength: 344
Required Level: 100
+150 Strength Factor to Spell Damage
+2 to All Skills
30% Faster Cast Rate
+(16 to 20)% to Spell Damage
+(144 to 171)% Enhanced Defense
+75 to Strength
-100 to Life
All Resists +(21 to 25)%
Requirements -40%
Socketed (4)


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The phrase lámha na draoithe means hands of the druids in the Irish language.