Kurast 3000 BA

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Kurast 3000 BA is an uberlevel accessible via a portal located near the entrance to the Torajan Jungles. It is populated by all kinds of skeletons and totems which give them an invulnerability shield. On Hatred difficulty, the Ennead Necromancer minibosses are the source of the Class Charm, an important item for other challenges and uberquests, the first of which being the Ennead Challenge, which must be done under level 80 and involves killing an Ennead Necromancer.


This area is a recreation of the city of Kurast located at the Kehjistani frontier, 3000 years before the birth of the prophet Akarat and during the Mage Clan Wars between the Ennead, Annuit and Vizjerei clans. Kurast, a neutral town allied with the Taan, was seized by the Ennead and used as a necromantic military outpost. Can you destroy the magical fortifications and liberate the town?

Points of interest

The entrance is located at the southeastern corner of the level, while the Ennead Necromancers can be found near the other corners. Spread around the level are Shadowgate Totems, which give an invulnerability shield to all skeletons nearby until destroyed.