Island of Skartara

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The Island of Skartara is an area that connects the Halls of the Dead with the uberlevels Tran Athulua and Wretched Sands. It is populated by Pirates of the Twin Seas and the boss Athulua, the Amazonian Goddess.

Points of interest

The entrance to Tran Athulua is located south of the starting point. It is guarded by a Pirate of the Twin Seas and Amazon Warriors. On Hatred difficulty, this Pirate drops the Elemental Prism, the item needed to do Level Challenge 1.

The boss Athulua is located in the opposite direction, and can be found by heading west and then north, in a spacious area guarded by three Pirates. The entrance to the first level of the Wretched Sands can be found in the eastern part of Athulua's area.