Idol of Scosglen

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Idol of Scosglen is a Druid Tree skill tree buff which turns the player into stone for a short duration, boosting the player's physical damage reduction and defense. 4 shockwaves are also released for the duration of the skill.


Idol of Scosglen

Buff - Turn into stone for a short time, releasing devastating shockwaves

60% Weapon Damage
4 Shockwaves

Stone Form
Duration: 4 seconds
Damage Reduction: 35%
Defense Bonus: xxx%
Cooldown: xx seconds

Velocity: +xx%
Mana Cost: xx

+20% Bonus Defense per Base Level
Cooldown Reduced by 0.2 Seconds per Base Level

Skill Stats

Skill Level Base Points Soft Points


The Idol of Scosglen skill can be found on following items:


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