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Hivemind is a sacred unique Blackguard Helm.


The best helmet for Paladin caster builds everywhere. The substantial amount of pierce and Hive oskill make this an excellent choice for Holy or Unholy caster Paladins, even unholy melee. This item is often in demand and is very valuable.


Defense: (1828-2092) to (1927-2206)
Required Dexterity: 387
Required Level: 100
(Paladin Only)
+(2 to 3) to Paladin Skill Levels
-(22 to 28)% to Enemy Cold Resistance
-(29 to 35)% to Enemy Poison Resistance
-(22 to 28)% to Enemy Fire Resistance
+(23 to 29) to Summon Darklings
+(16 to 19) to Hive
+(31 to 40)% Bonus to Summoned Minion Life
+(41 to 50)% Bonus to Summoned Minion Damage
+(87 to 114)% Enhanced Defense
Increase Maximum Mana 25%
Poison Resist +(41 to 60)%
Socketed (4)


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