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Helepolis is a sacred unique Spangenhelm.


A very useful item for the melee Amazon builds (Pouncezon and melee Stormzon) thanks to the immense physical damage reduction, crushing blow and bonus to strength.


Defense: (2894-3192) to (3206-3537)
Required Strength: 606
Required Level: 100
(Amazon Only)
-10% Slower Run/Walk
+38 to Maximum Damage
(11 to 13)% Chance of Crushing Blow
+(7 to 12) to Guard Tower
(21 to 30)% Bonus to Strength
+(172 to 200)% Enhanced Defense
Damage Reduced by 20%
Total Character Defense Plus (31 to 50)%
Socketed (4)


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Likely a reference to the Greek name for a movable siege tower.