Griswold's Treasure

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Griswold's Treasure box can be found by killing Griswold in Tristram on Hatred difficulty. You may do so as many times as you want.

Gift Box.png
Griswold's Treasure
Cube with Oil of Craft to open box

As the description says, you can cube it to get some items.

Griswold's Treasure + Oil of Craft → 3 Tier Unique items (based on Character Class)

It always gives the same predefined unique item classes depending on your Character Class. It might give you something other than what's listed below but the chances of it are very low.

Items can be Tier 1 or 2.

Items from Griswold's Treasure
Assassin Assassin Weapon Assassin Shield Body Armor
Amazon Amazon Weapon Amazon Helm Gloves
Barbarian Barbarian Class Item Sword Belt
Druid Druid Weapon or other weapon Druid Helm Boots
Necromancer Necromancer Weapon Body Armor Helm
Paladin Paladin Weapon Paladin Shield Paladin Helm
Sorceress Sorceress Weapon or Staff Sorceress Armor Staff

Hover over an underdotted word to see Full list of what items are included in that item type.

NOTE: These Uniques cannot be disenchanted, but can be disenchanted normally after uptiering them.