Grand Armor

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Grand Armor is a sacred unique Ancient Armor.


The ridiculously high strength requirement for this item makes it useless. It may be a secret/unlisted item, but it is definitely the most worthless out of them. Usually this item was only saved to be cubed with an Enchanting Crystal for a chance to get one of the better armors, but farming Enchanting Crystals is not viable and has further degraded any remaining this value this armor may have had.


Defense: (7820-8625) to (9683-10680)
Required Strength: 4320
Required Level: 100
Enhanced Weapon Damage +100%
+(172 to 200)% Enhanced Defense
+500 to Life
Increase Maximum Life (11 to 15)%
Replenish Life +(401 to 500)
Damage Reduced by 100
Damage Reduced by 10%
Magic Damage Reduced by 10
Requirements +500%
Socketed (6)


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