Fiend (runeword)

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Fiend (runeword) is a Runeword for Assassin Claws. It has a generic and an enhanced version.


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Generic Enhanced

25% Chance to cast level 5 Cataclysm on Melee Attack
25% Increased Attack Speed
+(58 to 86)% Enhanced damage
Adds 50-63 fire damage
+(1 to 7) to Bloodstar
+(1 to 7) to Meteor Shower
(21 to 30)% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items

25% Chance to cast level 51 Cataclysm on Melee Attack
50% Increased Attack Speed
+213% Enhanced damage
Adds 250-375 fire damage
+(41 to 46) to Bloodstar
+(41 to 46) to Meteor Shower
(111 to 160)% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items


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