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Fauztinville is an uberlevel accessible from the Stony Tomb, an optional dungeon located in the Rocky Waste in Act 2. The Trial of Knowledge, part of the Black Road Challenge, must be done here on Terror difficulty, while on Destruction it is the only source of three types of Great Runes.


After the destruction of the Prime Evils, a new era of peace and prosperity began, eventually evolving into what we call the modern age. Humanity has all but forgotten how to deal with demons. Until out of nowhere an evil force beneath the metropolis of Fauztinville begins to corrupt the machinery and pets, turning them against their masters. Overwhelmed by the assault, the army employs its new experimental time machine to request help from the heroes of the past. Will you answer the call?

Points of interest

The bosses of Fauztinville are the five robots Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta and Epsilon, located in various back alleys and hidden passages of the city. One of the bosses requires a teleportation ability (like Blink or Jitan's Gate) to access. On Terror difficulty, each of the robots drops their positronic brains, which must be cubed with the Class Charm as part of the Trial of Knowledge in the Black Road Challenge.

Drop bias

Increased chance to drop runes and shrines.