Edyrem's Path

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Edyrem's Path is a 10-level dungeon accessible from the Diamond Gates by using Dark Portal after interacting with the figure at its end. Each of its stages is a reconstruction of a boss area in another location, and contains a boss which must be killed in order to make the portal to the next stage appear.

The last stage leads to Uldyssian's Tomb, where the ultimate boss of the dungeon Uldyssian is fought.

Stage Location Boss Notes
1 Burial Grounds Blood Raven
2 Bloodthrone The Countess
3 Sewers Level 3 Radament
4 Arcane Sanctuary The Summoner
5 Seat of Hatred Deathshade Fleshmaul
Zhar the Mad
Only Zhar the Mad needs to be killed
6 Halls of Vaught Nihlathak
7 Arreat Summit Korlic
Only Korlic needs to be killed
8 Tal Rasha's Chamber Uldyssian's Memory (Andariel)
Uldyssian's Memory (Duriel)
Only Andariel needs to be killed
9 Heart of Sin Uldyssian's Memory (Azmodan)
Uldyssian's Memory (Belial)
Only Azmodan needs to be killed
10 Tristram Uldyssian's Memory (Baal)
Uldyssian's Memory (Diablo)
Uldyssian's Memory (Mephisto)
Only Diablo needs to be killed