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Earthquake icon.gif

Earthquake is a Barbarian sword skill tree attack which sends out a shockwave.



Attack - A mighty strike which unleashes a shockwave
Requires a melee weapon
70% Weapon Damage

Bonus Magic Damage: xx% of Base Strength
Mana Cost: xx

Skill Stats

Skill Level Base Points Soft Points


The Earthquake skill can be found on following items:




Median XL 2017

1.3 Fixed a bug which caused this skill to add only half of the intended magic damage to the attack.
1.1 Weapon damage increased
1.0 Weapon damage greatly increased, bonus damage increased, hitbox increased, reworked mana cost
Older Versions
v002 Increased number of missiles from 30 to 40; procs now have the correct number of missiles.
Letter Versions
1.Z9 Increased missile density.
1.E9 RC2 Swapped Earthquake and Stormblast in the skill tree.
1.E9 BETA 2 Now level 24 skill.
Number Versions
1.99 beta 3 Reduced % chance to knockback.
1.99 beta 2 Added knockback.
1.94 Corrected description (does 3/2 damage).
Median XL Alpha
021 Due to imblizzspy complaining that it is nothing like a real earthquake, I (Laz) renamed it to 'Rocket Gophers On Fire'.
018 Earthquake is back. Ancient Strike has been banished to the new Kingdom of Tenai release.
012 Ancient Strike moved to replace Earthquake.
009 Increased number of shock bolts at all levels.
001 Skill was introduced.