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Dragon Wyrms is a Paladin Dragon skill tree spell which summons fiery serpents that shoot out area effect attack fireballs.

One of the highest damage per second caster skills available, but this was not discovered until a while after Median XL 2017 was released. In the first version of MXL 2017, hydra numbers were reduced, but damage was tripled and mana cost was slightly increased. In 1.1, the fireball casting rate was increased, still did not receive much attention initially and holy caster remained a "meme". It wasn't until it was towards the end of the 1.1 season (around November 2017) that Dragon Wyrms received attention for its potential. In 1.3, it received a 20% damage nerf and mana cost increase of 20%, but it remained very usable. As it currently stands Holy Caster is not too popular especially when compared to the Holy Melee, Treewarden builds or the large presence of the Barbarian.

Aside from this, this skill is an excellent boss killer, killing bosses like Quov Tsin in a mere 10 seconds or Astrogha in under 30 seconds with good gear. Character stats screen damage of about 50k has been reached with this skill before.


Dragon Wyrms

Spell - Summon fiery serpents to incinerate your foes
(Works only after using Solar Flare)

Holy Skill

Wyrms: xx

Wyrms Fire Damage: xx-xx
Mana Cost: xx

+1 Wyrm per 2 Base Levels
Energy: +xxx% Increased Damage

Skill Stats

Skill Level Base Points Soft Points


The Dragon Wyrms skill can be found on following item:


Dragon Wyrms.gif


Median XL 2017
1.3 Duration & damage reduced by 20%, mana cost increased by 20% 
1.1 Fireball casting rate increased
1.0 Halved the growth in hydra numbers, their damage has been tripled, mana cost slightly increased
MXL Ultimative
XVI Skill was introduced, replacing Deva King