Diseased Cattle

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Diseased Cattle icon.gif

Diseased Cattle is an oskill that sends out poison damage cows.


Diseased Cattle

Magically create hexed cows that emit poison clouds

Item Granted Skill

xx Cows
Poison Damage: xx-xx over xx seconds
Mana Cost: xx

Skill Stats

Skill Level Base Points Soft Points


The Diseased Cattle skill can be found on following items:


Diseased Cattle.gif


Older Versions
v001 Lorenado replaces Diseased Cattle as the Sorceress Poison level 1 skill.
x x
Number Versions
1.99c Narrowed spread again, due to complaints about viability.
1.99 beta 1 Increased scatter radius.
1.71 Random scatter radius reduced.
Median XL Alpha
021 Reduced cloud spread, increased damage.
010 Removed second poison cloud, increased damage.
007 Slightly increased damage.