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Broadside is an Assassin Throw tree skill that plants a device which fires a barrage of knives while disabling the player's ranged skills for a period of time.



Projectile - Plants a mechanical device that fires a barrage of knives
Only allows the use of melee, summoning, and buff/debuff skills
Requires a throwing knife

66% Weapon Damage
Ranged Skills Locked Out for xxx seconds

xx Knives Total
Mana Cost: xxx

Skill Stats

Skill Level Base Points Soft Points


The Broadside skill can be found on following items:




Median XL 2017

1.3 Base cooldown reduced by 1 second
1.0 Damage slightly reduced
Older Versions
MXL Ultimative
v6e Reduced effects (you will see less knifes, but the skill is still the same).
v6c Lowest timer is 6 seconds.
v001 Improved graphics by adding a device that shoots the knives.
Letter Versions
1.F9 Slightly increased lockout timer.
1.E9 Slightly increased lockout duration.
1.A9 prerelease Timer -1 second due to popular qq. (Original patch note)
Number Versions
1.95 test 3 Further increased initial number of missiles.
1.95 test 1 Increased starting amount of knives to make it useful at level 1.
Median XL Alpha
012 No longer locks out Queen of Blades and Shadow Refuge.
009 No longer causes state colourshift errors.
001 Skill was introduced, replacing Shadow Blade as an Assassin Throw skill.