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Bremmtown, also known as Old Bremmtown, is an uberlevel accessible through a portal in the northeastern corner of Fauztinville. It is populated exclusively by Howling Spirits, except for the boss, a Dark Star Dragon whose reward is only obtainable if it's killed within 3 minutes after entering Bremmtown and without dying on Destruction difficulty.


You ended the demon invasion of Fauztinville... fast forward another few hundred years. Following a global demon apocalypse, the city is in ruins. Lilith, once banished to the Plane of the Dead, broke free and corrupted the sons of the cosmic dragon Trag’Oul. Weakened by his battle against the angelic and demonic legions at the end of time in the far future, the draconic death god was unable to stop Lilith from capturing and possessing his young. There is no hope for humanity's resistance forces unless these creatures are eliminated. The old time machine was put into action once again... Will you help out Fauztinville a second time?