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Bloodstorm is an Amazon Blood tree skill which sets a trap at a target point that releases Bloodstars in the direction of nearby enemies.

In-game Description of Skill


Spell - Skull trap that fires blood stars at multiple enemies
Minimum required level to learn skill: 12

Releases 2 bloodstars per shot

First Level
Fire damage: 2-3
Duration: 4 seconds
16 bloodstars total
Mana cost: 18

+1 extra target per 4 base levels
Energy: +24% increased damage


The Bloodstorm skill can be found on the following items:




Median XL 2017

1.0 Reduced Bloodstar seek range while Bacchanalia is active, gains slightly less duration per level
Older Versions
MXL Ultimative
v6e Doubled speed of each bolt.
v004 Doubled target seek range and +4 targets
v001 Reduced missile speed; duration now matches description (+0.2 seconds per level down from +0.4); damage slightly increased; seek range no longer increases with level, increasing accuracy against nearby targets.
Letter Versions
1.Z9 Reduced minimum damage.
1.F9f Increased minimum damage by 25%.
1.F9e Fixed hitshift issue where damage was twice as high as intended.
1.F9 Increased missile movement speed.
1.D9 Increased damage.
Number Versions
1.95 prerelease Reduced duration gain per level to prevent lag.
1.90 Reduced mana cost.
1.86 Mana cost reduced by 33%.
Median XL Alpha
021 Reduced mana cost.
019 Reduced self-synergy for extra bolts from ½ to ¼.
008 Increased mana cost by 50%.
Median 2008
1.55 Reduced max targets synergy from +1 per 3 levels to +1 to 5 levels.
1.53 Now has a synergy that adds +1 target for every 3 points in Bloodstar; increased range.
1.49 Increased fire damage synergy from 5% to 9% per point.
1.48 Increased fire damage synergy from 3% to 5% per point.
1.46 Increased maximum damage, boosting average damage by 25%.
Median 2 Special Edition
0.05 beta Greatly increased damage.
Median 2
1.7 Decreased number of missiles and attack rate.
1.5 Increased attack frequency.
1.3 Damage halved, but can now target up to 4 enemies per shot.
0.7beta Reduced acquisition range and damage.
0.4beta Skill was introduced.