Blood Hatred

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Blood Hatred is a Barbarian Axe skill tree attack which adds physical damage and life on attack and reduces enemy fire, cold and lightning resistances over a duration at the cost of life drain.


Blood Hatred

Attack - Suicidal strikes weaken your foes and steal life
Requires a melee weapon

Drains 25% of Max Life in x seconds
Duration: xx seconds

Physical Damage: +xx% to Attack
xx Life on Attack
Reduces Enemy Fire, Cold and Lightning Resistances: x%
Mana Cost: xx

+1 Second Duration per 2 Base Levels

Skill Stats

Skill Level Base Points Soft Points


The Blood Hatred skill can be found on following items:

  • Sacred Uniques
    • Warmonger (SSSU Fanged Helm, Blood Hatred does not cost you life)
  • Set Items


Blood Hatred.gif


Median XL 2017

1.1 Life on attack per level increased
1.0 No longer requires dual wield, reduced elemental pierce gained per level, duration now scales with base level
Older Versions
MXL Ultimative
XV Moved to new tree, is now a level 1 skill. Reworked mana and duration.
Median XL Alpha
019 Toned down state lighting; duration ramp is no longer erroneously 0.
012 Corrected description, fixed damage display bug.
010 Removed defense penalty.
009 Greatly increased damage bonus at all levels, halved life drain.
005 Increased damage at level 1 from +50% to +100%.
002 Damage should now be displayed correctly.
001 Skill was introduced as a Barbarian skill.