Aiden's Lament

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Aiden's Lament is a sacred unique Crown.


Not really too useful because it is outshined by other items, although if the player has no other option, they can use this on a melee character.


Defense: (3179-3593) to (3521-3980)
Required Strength: 757
Required Level: 100
5% Ctc lvl 4 Spike Nova when Struck
10% Ctc lvl 6 Spike Nova on Melee Attack
50% Chance of Open Wounds
+(115 to 143)% Enhanced Defense
Drain Life -250
+(101 to 150) Life on Attack
3% Reanimate as: Cenobite
Level 2 Crucify (100 Charges)
Requirements +25%
Socketed (4)


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Aiden was one of the main characters in Diablo I being of the playable Warrior class and the one who likely became the Dark Wanderer after defeating Diablo in Tristram.