Act IV

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Act IV (The Harrowing) starts in the Pandemonium Fortress, the last safe place before Hell. The player travels there in order to defeat Diablo.


Write here the story of the fourth act.


There are 7 areas in the fourth act.

Act IV Locations


All Act IV NPCs are in the Pandemonium Fortress, except Hadriel and Izual.


Name Type Locations
Monster Regular undead Location 1, Location 2
  • Super Uniques: Name 1, Name 2


A4-Q1 The Fallen Angel icon.png A4-Q2 The Hellforge icon.png A4-Q3 Terror's End icon.png

  1. The Fallen Angel
  2. The Hellforge
  3. Terror's End

All quests are related to the progression of the story, but only the last one is mandatory to finish this act.