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Act III (The Infernal Gate) takes place in the deep jungles of Kehjistan.


Write here the story of the third act.


There are 47 areas in the third act.

Act III Locations


Most Act III NPCs are in the Kurast Docks:

The only exception is the Lost Traveler, who appears at the end of the Desolate Road.


Name Type Locations
Monster Regular undead Location 1, Location 2
  • Super Uniques: Name 1, Name 2


A3-Q1 The Golden Bird icon.png A3-Q2 Blade of the Old Religion icon.png A3-Q3 Khalim's Will icon.png
A3-Q4 Lam Esen's Tome icon.png A3-Q5 The Blackened Temple icon.png A3-Q6 The Guardian icon.png

  1. The Golden Bird
  2. Blade of the Old Religion
  3. Khalim's Will
  4. Lam Esen's Tome
  5. The Blackened Temple
  6. The Guardian

Almost quests are related to the progression of the story, with the exception of The Golden Bird and Blade of the Old Religion. It is possible to skip the Khalim's Will quest with a shortcut recipe.