Act II

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Act II (The Secret of the Vizjerei) starts as soon as Warriv arrives in Lut Gholein with the player, who is in pursuit of the Dark Wanderer.


Write here the story of the second act.


There are 23 areas in the second act.

Act II Locations


Almost all Act II NPCs are in Lut Gholein. The only exception is Tyrael, who appears in the Tal Rasha's Chamber, after the death of Duriel.

  • Other Location:
    • Tyrael (at the end of the Tal Rasha's Chamber)


Name Type Locations
Monster Regular undead Location 1, Location 2
  • Super Uniques: Name 1, Name 2


A2-Q1 Radament's Lair icon.png A2-Q2 The Horadric Staff icon.png A2-Q3 The Tainted Sun icon.png
A2-Q4 The Arcane Sanctuary icon.png A2-Q5 The Summoner icon.png A2-Q6 The Seven Tombs icon.png

  1. Radament's Lair
  2. The Horadric Staff
  3. The Tainted Sun
  4. The Arcane Sanctuary
  5. The Summoner
  6. The Seven Tombs

Most quests are related to the progression of the story. It is even possible to skip the The Horadric Staff quest with a shortcut recipe.