Act I

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Act I (The Sightless Eye) is located in eastern Khanduras, in which Andariel must be defeated to help the Rogues to take back the Rogue Monastery.


Write here the story of the first act.


There are 29 areas in the first act.

Act I Locations


Almost all Act I NPCs are in the Rogue Encampment. The only exception is Flavie, who is on guard outside.


Name Type Locations
Monster Regular undead Location 1, Location 2
  • Super Uniques: Name 1, Name 2


A1-Q1 Den of Evil icon.png A1-Q2 Sisters' Burial Grounds icon.png A1-Q3 The Search for Cain icon.png
A1-Q4 The Forgotten Tower icon.png A1-Q5 Tools of the Trade icon.png A1-Q6 Sisters to the Slaughter icon.png

  1. Den of Evil
  2. Sisters' Burial Grounds
  3. The Search for Cain
  4. The Forgotten Tower
  5. Tools of the Trade
  6. Sisters to the Slaughter

Special: Secret Cow Level

All quests but The Forgotten Tower are related to the progression of the story and only the last one is required to complete the first act.