The Town Guards

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Many trade routes converge at Lut Gholein, the jewel of the East. When the demons blocked access over land and the kraken nested in the port, travelling paladins, mystics and warriors were forced to take up arms to defend the city.


Starts with 20 energy, +4 energy per level Suppression: crushing blow 25%, +1% per 5 levels Grit: damage reduced by 25%, +1% per 5 levels

Exemplar Skills

Lvl Name Effect

1 RETALIATE Effect: retaliates when struck with a damaging shockwave
1 GOREFEST Effect: melee attack that causes a fountain of blood
6 LIFEBLOOD Effect: slowly regenerates lost life over time
12 KING OF BLADES Effect: automatically launches bouncing blades at nearby enemies
90 DISINTEGRATE Effect: massively damaging arcane radius blast around caster

Shapeshifter Skills

Lvl Name Effect

1 WEREBEAR Effect: turn into a bear, increasing life and armour
1 CLAW TORNADO Effect: melee attack that sends out spinning whirlwinds
6 BLOODLUST Effect: increases all damage of the party
12 POUNCE Effect: teleport onto an enemy, causing a powerful shockwave
90 THORN FIELD Effect: melee attack that summons a ripple of spiked thorns

Fighter Mage Skills

Lvl Name Effect

1 TITAN STRIKE Effect: melee attack that heals and increases stats
1 GUARD TOWER Effect: summons a guard tower that shoots arrows at enemies
6 GLACIAL NOVA Effect: cast a gigantic nova that completely freezes enemies
12 FORTRESS Effect: summons a ring of guard towers around the caster
90 CHRONOFIELD Effect: field that slows the movement and attack speed of enemies