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Supernova icon.gif

Supernova is an oskill that sends out a lightning damage nova.



Blasts out a gigantic nova of powerful lightning
More damage at close range

Item Granted Skill
Lightning Damage: 0-xxx
Hits Multiple Times
Mana Cost: xxx

Skill Stats

Skill Level Base Points Soft Points


The Supernova skill can be found on following items:




Median XL 2017

1.1 Fixed an issue which caused the Mercenary version of the skill to do too much damage
x x
Older Versions
Number Versions
1.95 test 3 Greatly reduced mana cost.
x x
Median 2008
1.57BETA Nova Charge replaced Supernova as a Sorceress lightning tree skill.

Reduced mana cost.

1.53 New cast animation.
1.50 Reduced base damage, but increased potential for multiple hits per cast.
1.49 Added 4% lightning damage synergy per point into Lightning Wall.
1.46 Increased maximum damage, boosting average damage by 100%.
Median 2007
1.24 Greatly decreased base damage per lightning tile.
1.23 Greatly increased damage, especially at close range.
Beta 0.3 Increased maximum damage.