Secret Pacman Level

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Upon killing Pac-Man in the Secret Cow Level, a red portal will open up leading to the Secret Pac-Man Level.

This level replicates the original Pac-Man game.

Use the Cherry dropped from Pac-Man to transform into Pac-Man. You will then be able to eat the dots. Eat all the dots to open another portal to a world filled with Pac-Man. Don't know what else can be done here.

Watch out for some of your favorite Ghosts, Blinky, Pinky, Inky, and Clyde. They are in this level as well and cannot be killed, unless you eat the Power Pellets. Just like in the original Pac-Man game, the Ghosts become vulnerable and you will be able to eat them.

Known Bug:

For some reason, sometimes, when as Pac-Man, you cannot eat the dots and/or power pellets. You will have to find Pac-Man again in the Secret Cow Level and hope it doesn't bug out again.