Ashaera's Armor

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Ashaera's Armor is a sacred unique Belt.


An all around good belt for casters. Spell damage and energy bonuses are all useful, and even though not particularly necessary, the physical damage reduction helps with the fragility typically present in most casters.


Defense: (1687 to 1760)
Required Strength: 529
Required Level: 100
+(21 to 25) Energy Factor to Spell Damage
+(11 to 15)% to Spell Damage
(11 to 15)% Bonus to Energy
+500 Defense
All Resists +(21 to 30)%
Damage Reduced by 10%
Socketed (2)


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Likely a reference to the NPC Asheara, leader of the Iron Wolves mercenaries, who is notorious for having very little clothing on.