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The Soulforge is a brand new crafting system as of 2.9. It allows you to perfect the rare items you find throughout the game, by allowing you to add the missing affixes on an item which can turn it from mediocre to great. It requires Heavenly Souls from the new area, the Library of Fate. The Library has two versions, one requiring level 125 to enter, the other requires 130. While there is no increased drop rate for souls in the 130 version of the zone, it has a higher density which will lead to more souls dropping...assuming you are up to the challenge.

You can now view the number of affixes and suffixes on an item via the mouseover window, as in the image below. This allows you to see what you have open for crafting on that particular item, and plan accordingly. The item below for example, can have 1 affix and 2 suffixes added, as long as they are not from the same gem grouping.

Once you have your item selected, you can combine it with the Soulforge and other crafting materials to get the desired result. Note that the Soulforge requires, but does not consume, a gem of the type listed on the Soulforge along with the requisite amount of Oils of Craft and Heavenly Souls. The only exception is the Unique formula, which only requires Souls and Oils. The formula will always follow the same format:

[# of Oil of Enhancement] + [# of Souls] + [Gem] + [Item Type]

WARNING!!! You MUST do any soulforging before attempting to bless, corrupt, or MO an item. WARNING!!!


Damage, Spell Focus, DS, Minion Damage, Slow Target, Physical Resist, Damage Reduction


Fire Spell Damage, Life, Life Leech, Regen, Fire Damage, Fire Pierce, LoK, Minion Life, Max Fire Resist


Cold Spell Damage, Mana, Mana Leech, Cold Damage, Cold Pierce, MoK, Max Cold Resist, %Energy


Lightning Spell Damage, Cast Speed, Attack Speed, Lightning Damage, Magic Find, Lightning Pierce, Max Lightning Resist, %Dexterity


Poison Spell Damage, Poison Length Reduced, Poison Damage per Second, Poison Pierce, Attack Rating, Block Chance, Max Poison Resist, %Strength


Phys/Mag Spell Damage, Magic Damage, Gold Find, %Vitality

Rainbow Stone

OSkills! Death Star, Rising Dawn, Chaotic Spark, Phoenix Wave, Searing Glow, Tantrum


No Gem required, just a small cost of 20 souls and 1-2 Oil of Craft, depending on which you want to make.