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Cornerstone of the World
In the first age of Sanctuary, when the nephalem were exploring the nature and extent of their power, luminous primordial stones were discovered around the newly formed world. The strange artifacts glowed of Inarius' angelic essence, architect of the Mortal Realm, and contained energies attuned to those of the Worldstone. Thus, named "Cornestones of the World", many of the arcane rocks were sought and sculpted by the nephalem into powerful relics, as expression of their dominion over Sanctuary. However, in the passing ages, the cornerstones were forgotten, and after the Sin War most of them fell in the demons' grasp... Despite the weakening of humanity, the faint bond with their divine origins still lingers in their spirits, and a powerful hero might be able to unravel new talents through the magical potential stored inside these relics.

Class Skills
Relic skill bonuses are limited to +3 levels for skills on your character's skill tree, unless they have an explicit class, i.e. (Class Only). They also do not count towards Base Level bonuses. Both are true for all items, not only relics.

You can have a maximum of 3 relics in your inventory at any time. Can not carry two of the same relic.

For a full list of relics and their bonuses, please see the relics page on the docs.