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Save and exit your game. Quit D2 and close your mxl launcher.If you have a Wrapper and HD text you dont need to read this. If you don't have one follow these steps immediatly:


  • Diablo 2 LOD patch 1.13c with Median XL installed
  • [New Median-xl launcher]
  • Windows PC (unverified on linux/MacOS)
  • Not running Diablo 2 or Median-xl launcher (close them)


  1. Download latest release.zip from: [https://github.com/Pooquer/d2gl-mxl/releases]
  2. Unzip release.zip copy the 3 files inside
  3. Find your installed Median-xl game (C:\games\median-xl by default)
  4. Paste all 3 files into the main directory with sigma.dll (Overwrite)
  5. Navigate to: C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\Local\mxl-launcher (an easy way is to type %localappdata% into your file explorer url bar)
  6. Open launcher.json with a notepad or text editor
  7. Edit lines 3,4,7 and 8 to match the following:
  8. Save changes and exit editor, Then start Median-xl launcher
  9. Click on the cog to bring up settings menu in launcher and make yours match the image:
  10. Click play and press CTRL + o to bring up D2GL menu in game, if you see it you were successful.

D2GL Wrapper Reccomended Settings

Some common things to change off the bat will be to enable HD text.